Gun kid is a kid with a high pitch voice who appears in a post credit blooper in episode 4.
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Episode 4Edit

After hearing the comotion envolving Scott wayne and George Light appartment with the burrito bucket the neighbor from across the street got his gun and ran in to see what was happening after Scott left to practice his power up and George went to sleep. The person who entered very enerjetically was none other than gun kid. He raised up his gun at face level with himself only holding it with one hand and said 'this it toatlly safe I'm not gonna get hit in the FACE er anything!' He then fired his gun and got hit in the face multiple times and droped his gun spazing out. 

Life after the seriesEdit

It is unknown what happened to gun kid or if he is even still alive.


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Gun kid getting hit in the face

Here is a picture of ultraseven fighting king joe

Here is a picture of ultraseven.