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The series is a mini series of six episodes from youtube user Biogoji 89. On this wiki you will find such things as characters, locations, and more!


The series was originally created in February of 2016, and was heavily inspired by Scott Pilgrim. The series follows two roommates Scott wayne and George Light and the encounters they have with various villains and friends they have over the months of the two living together.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1! a fierce battle! What happened to the cheese?!

Episode 2!! Soopah sanic overload! Enter Johnny Guitar man!

Episode 3!!! ''Do you filthy Plicks have MY rent yet?!'' Scott earns an item!

!Episode 4!!! A disappointing coconut! Return of a dyslexic tex-mex!

!!Episode 5!! Brotherly vengeance! Sure you don't need a hand?

!!!FINAL EPISODE!!! Death to ALL weeaboos! Scott's finest hour!

Here you will find the list of characters and their corresponding pages Edit

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