The dimensional overseer

The dimensional overseer as he appears in episode 4

The Dimensional overseer is a bizarre animated entity that appears briefly in Episode 4 when Scott is fighting Bootleg Gojira Gigantis and accidentally overloads his power bar. He is a super powered being that exists in his own custom built dimension that allows him to view any dimension at any place and at any time.


The dimensional overseer is a being of unceartain origin and he himself does not really know when he came to his current state of being or if he has any family, the only thing he can remember is eating a really good canoli. None the less his true level of power is not known to it's full extent but the extent of his power that has been seen or at least recorded is over the level of most power known to man. He is also impervious to all man made weapons. Truly a god incarnate...

Episode 4Edit

Scott Wayne manages to knock Bootleg Gojira Gigantis on the ground during their fight. Scott takes advantage and begins to slamb Bootleg Gojira Gigantis with the top of thor's hammer repeatedly creating a growing power bar. Scott then starts to slamb Bootleg Gojira Gigantis in the chest faster and faster until the power bar reaches critical overload. This in effect causes the dimension to break, an event commonly known as a trans-dimensional snap or a trans-dimensional anomoly. The break in the dimension causes the dimensional overseer midway through a night on the sofa watching his favorite t.v. show to appear and fix the dimension after it broke. To assure that Scott does not accidentally break the dimension again he partially rejuvenates Bootleg Gojira Gigantis giving him the strenght to block Thor's hammer and break the head off of it. The dimensional overseer also gives Scott a new power up as a reward for providing such a display of such power.


  • The dimensional overseer's appearence was an un-scrpited scene and added in during editing
  • The dimensional overseer is actually an image police man from the Immortal Cactus short 'The drug epidemic' just zoomed in a lot.
  • The Dimensional Overseer is the only animated character in The series, his animation consists of a crisp three frames...animation is a bitch.



The character from 'The drug epidemic' that the dimensional overseer was made from.